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This program is for the Advanced Gymnast looking to take her gymnastics skill to the next level. Team Extreme includes advanced skill building, routine creation as well as attending competitions at the local level. Team Extreme gymnasts are required to practice 2-3x a week.

2016-2017 | 2015-2016 | 2013-2014

MJ Callard Memorial Eagle Extravaganza 2017
Eagle Gymnastics, Canandaigua NY

Copper 1

Taylor Dowitsch 9 & 10 year Olds
Vault 9.5(2nd) Bars8.6(3rd) Beam 8.8 Floor 9.3(1st) AA36.2(3rd)

Havana Sullivan 7&8 Year Olds
Vault 9.35(2nd) Bars 8.55(4th) Beam 8.55 Floor 9.35(2nd) AA35.8(4th)


Emilia Bolster 9&10 Year Olds
Vault 8.65 Bars 8.1(5th) Beam 9.1(2nd) Floor 7.5 AA34.95(8th)

Leah Buddendeck 11 Year Olds
Vault 8.8(5th) Bars 8.05 Beam 9.4(1s ) Floor 9.6(3rd) AA 35.85(5th)

Olivia Dramer 12 Year Olds
Vault 9.15(3rd) Bars8.15 Beam 9.75(1st) Floor 9.45(2nd) AA 36.5

Mary Moore 12 year Olds
Vault 9.1(4th) Bars 8.3 Beam 9.45(3rd) Floor 9.45(3rd) AA36.2(3rd)

Morgane Wethey 9&10 Year Olds
Vault 9.2(2nd) Bars 7.5 Beam 9.0(4th) Floor 9.05 AA 34.75

Victoria Winesman 11 Year Olds
Vault 8.8 Bars 7.9 Beam 8.85 Floor 9.0 AA 34.55


Cierra Gottler 15 and Older
Vault 9.5(2nd) Bars 8.35(2nd) Beam 9.35(1st) Floor 9.3(2nd) AA 36.5(1st)

Jessica Harris 15 and Older
Vault 9.0 Bars 7.6 Beam 7.8 Floor 7.6 AA 32

Gillian Laco 15 and Older
Vault 9.1 Bars 7.15 Beam 7.7 Floor 8.4 AA32.35

Shannon O’Donnell 15 and Older
Vault 9.6(1st) Bars 7.1 Beam 8.4 Floor 9.1 AA 33.8

Emma Renie 15 and Older
Vault9.6(1st) Bars 8.3(3rd) Beam 9.3(2nd) Floor 9.2 (4th) AA36.4

Leah Buddendeck 8-14 Years
Floor Specialist 8.9

Mary Moore 8-14 Year Olds
Floor Specialist 9.05(5th)

Wildfire Invitational Saturday March 11th and Sunday March 12th 2017
Blaze Gymnastics of Syracuse

Copper 1 Child A

Havana Sullivan
Vault: 8.3(3rd) Bars: 9.0(1st) Beam: 9.2(1st) Floor:8.6(1st) AA: 35.4(1st)

Copper 1 Child B

Taylor Dowitsch
Vault: 8.7 Bars: 8.6 Beam: 9.0(4th) Floor:9.1(3rd) AA:35.4(5th)

Ashlyn Pettee
Vault:8.75 Bars:9.0 Beam:8.5 Floor:8.65 AA:34.9 (7th)

Team: 105.7 4th Place

Bronze Child

Morgane Wethey
Bars: 8.0 Beam:8.0 Floor:8.5

Junior A

Leah Buddendeck
Vault 9.0(1st) Bars 9.0(1st) Beam 8.6(2nd) Floor 8.75 (3rd) AA 35.35(1st)

Victoria Winesman
Vault 7.2 Bars 9.0(3rd) Beam 8.5(4th) Floor 8.75(4th) AA 33.45

Emilia Bolster
Vault 7.9 Bars 7.7 Beam 8.1 Floor 8.2 AA 32.1

Bronze Junior B

Mary Moore
Vault8.7 Bars8.6(5th) Beam 8.6(6th) Floor 9.2(3rd) AA 35.1(4th)

Olivia Dramer
Vault 9.15(4th) Bars 8.2 Beam8.4 Floor 8.7 AA 34.45

Team 105.8(5th)

Silver Senior B

Emma Rennie
Vault 9.4(1s ) Bars: 7.6 Beam 8.45(2nd) Floor 9.2(1st) AA 34.75(1st)

Cierra Gottler
Vault 9.4(2nd) Bars 7.7(6th) Beam 8.1(4th) Floor8.7(5th) AA 33.9(4th)

Shannon O’Donnell
Vault 8.85(1st) Bars 8.3(2nd) Beam7.9 Floor 8.8(3rd) AA 33.85(5th)

Team Extreme Perry’s
January 14th & 15th 2017

Copper Ages 7-8

Havana Sullivan Age 8
Vault 9.35(1st place) Bars 9.4(1stplace) Beam 9.0(1st place) Floor 8.2(1st) AA 35.95 (1stplace)

Copper Ages 9-11

Taylor Dowitsch Age 9
Vault 8.9(3rd) Bars 9.0(2nd) Beam 7.8(5th) Floor 7.9(5th) AA33.6(3rd)

Bronze Ages 9-10

Emilia Bolster Age 10
Vault 7.65(5th) Bars9.2(1st) Beam9.3(1st) Floor 8.65(3rd) AA 34.8(1st)

Morgane Wethey Age 9
Vault 8.15(4th) Bars8.2(6th) Beam8.7(3rd) Floor8.7(2nd) AA 33.75(5th)

Bronze Ages 11-12

Leah Buddendeck Age 11
Vault 8.85(1st) Bars 8.9(5th) Beam 9.5(1st) Floor 9.3(1st) AA36.55(1st)

Victoria Wineseman Age 11
Vault 8.05(9th) Bars 9.7(1st) Beam 8.8(7th) Floor 8.35(7th) AA 34.9(5th)

Mary Moore Age 12
Vault 7.6(12th) Bars 9.3(3rd) Beam 8.7(9th) Floor 8.65(5th) AA 34.25(6th)

Olivia Dramer Age 12
Vault 8.25(6th) Bars 8.7(7th) Beam 8.3(11th) Floor 8.85(3rd) AA 34.10

Silver Ages 14-15

Emma Rennie Age 15
Vault 9.45(1st) Bars8.5(2nd) Beam 9.3(1st) Floor 9.0(2nd) AA 36.25(1st)

Cierra Gottler Age 15
Vault 9.2(3rd) Bars7.5(3rd) Beam 8.5(5th) Floor 9.05(1st)

Silver Age 16-18

Shannon O’Donnell Age 16
Vault 8.8(1st) Bars 8.2(1st) Beam7.7(2nd) Floor 8.2(1st) AA 32.9(1st)

Gillian Laco Age 17
Vault 8.4(2nd) Bars 7.10(2nd) Beam 7.8(1st) Floor 7.8(1st) AA 31.10(2nd)




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